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Our People & Values

Cleardata employees a team of 30 people. The company's document scanning and document storage headquarters are based in the North East. Cleardata also has a scanning bureau operation based in Rome.

All employees are trained to manage your documents in a professional manner. The company operates in a secure environment with Redcare security and biometric entry systems. Employees are all disclosure checked.

our values


we believe our customers seek excellent. Our people, processes and values enable continuous improvement of our products and services


client confidentiality, information security and trust is at the heart of our business


reacting to our customers needs when we say we will and delivering on time, drives our business


fresh approach, fresh ideas. The way we interact with our customers encourages innovation and creativity.

Cleardata Mottos

First we will be best, and then we will be first.
It's kind of fun doing the impossible.

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