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Cleardata provides invoice scanning services throughout the UK, acting as a virtual post room for your business.  The company has a state of the art document scanning bureau, using the latest Kodak technology.  

Cleardata can scan your invoices on arrival and upload the digital images via a secure ftp site, into a format compatible with your existing systems or software. 

cleardata | digitise invoices on arrival | post room scanning | invoice processing services | accounts payable services | accounts payable software

The company can also scan directly into an online hosted document management system, with automated payment processes for your business.  Cleardata uses Readsoft software to automatically capture and digitise areas on invoices and other financial documents, such as invoice numbers, supplier names, order numbers or handwritten text; enabling searchable data and automated document indexing.

Help your business go paperless, improve efficiencies and reduce overheads. 

For more information about cleardata's invoice scanning services call now 0800 046 8085 or e-mail sales@cleardata.co.uk

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