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 Purchase to Pay

Cleardata offers the Palette Purchase to Pay Solution. Purchase To Pay Solutions A complete digital package automating the the entire purchasing to payment process. Compatible with the majority of ERP systems, this Purchase to Pay system is easy to use and accessible from any location using web hosted software.

The solution provides an ‘intranet’ type environment for your business to share live invoice and purchase order tracking/information, account posting notes and messages with suppliers.  Purchase Orders and Requistions can be automatically matched to invoices using multiple matching technology through to header and line item detail.  

This flexible purchase to pay solution is broken down into modules, allowing businesses to pick and choose the areas which fit best with their existing accounts payable processes and technology. Modules include:-

  • Capex
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Requisitions
  • Supplier Portal

For further information on our purchase to pay solution call today on 0800 046 8085 or use the quick enquiry form below

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