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Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Software

Cleardata provides fully automated accounts payable and invoice processing solutions.

Whether you're looking to outsource your accounts payable process, for an in-house solution or online hosted invoice processing, Cleardata can help your business.

If your company deals with multiple suppliers and 100s of invoices per month, then you are almost certainly aware that this is a huge processing overhead which is both costly and inefficient. 

Accounts Payable Software can help save 75% of your invoice processing costs, providing a fully automated accounts payable solution

Cleardata provides Readsoft Invoice Capture software.

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  • Intelligent capture of supplier details, invoice number, order number with OCR technology
  • Easily searched and indexed data
  • Automatically verify invoices against original purchase order
  • Workflow software to automate the invoice process from arrival to verification, authorisation and payment

Watch our invoice processing video, to fnd out more about our services.

Help make your organisation paperless, reduce unnecessary data entry, improve payment times for suppliers and reduce invoice authorisation backlog for your senior management team

Accounts Payable Software is common place in Europe and the UK is gradually making progress.

For more information about how Cleardata can help your accounts payable process call now for further details on 0800 046 8086